Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Review: Gig OTARGOS + VEHEMENT + PREMATURE BIRTH + VATIGAL SURRD 21st February @ The Black Heart, London

Lachryma Christi apologizes for the delay, but here is the review to this nice gig.
So for those who don't know, all the bands play Black Metal, some with some death metalish influences, but basically all of them play Black Metal.
First band, Vatigal Surrd. It was the second time Lachryma Christi saw them live. This one was better, apart from the fire (or smoke, not sure) alarm ringing during all their performance. And why? Because they had loads of incense and even a torch (or something similar to one) on. So the venue was full of smoke since they started playing and the alarm wouldn't stop ringing. Eventually, just before the last song finished, the alarm stopped, and after their performance the room was evacuated for a few minutes so staff could get rid of the smoke. It smelled good though. Now about their performance. It was better than when they played with Shining. They sounded more inspired and comfortable. The set was short, but was good. This time the members had corpse paint and blood on them, which made it look darker and more aggressive and also matched more all the atmosphere they had created. Was a good show, too bad it was so short. Just a bit too loud. Not noisy, only loud. Hopefully there will be more chances of seeing them soon.
Premature Birth was also a good surprise. They also had played with Shining, and on that day the impression they caused on LC wasn't the best. This time it was actually OK. They seemed more united, more prepared, not confusing at all. Voice was also more coordinated with the rest, but again, was a bit too loud. If you were outside the room you could understand all the details and guitar riffs and keyboard melodies, but once inside the room, it was so loud, hard to get some details that sometimes make all the difference.
Vehement, first time Lachryma Christi saw them. The expectations were high, and the band corresponded to them. Nice gig, very professional, very together, also interactive, songs choice was good as well, not loud, not noisy, just actually very good. Very cohesive, knowing what they were doing. Public in general  was also pleased. Definitely a band to see again in the future.
Headliners Otargos. It was also the first the time LC was seeing them. They sound as if they have been around forever. Very professional, very good, very sober, serious, full of atmosphere. This is a band you can tell that have a lot of experience, that know how to do their stuff. They are not boring, not annoying, but really pleasant. Sound was good, Black Heart doesn't have the best acoustics, but surprisingly it worked for Otargos.
So in general it was a good night. Good bands, good fun, good music.
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  1. thanx for this little report, we loved played in London , once again it was a great time for OTARGOS !!

    we will come back , be sure of that !

    Ulrich W.

    1. You're welcome! Hopefully see you playing live again at some point!