Monday, December 17, 2012

Review: Spektr's upcoming album "Cypher"

Spektr, Industrial Black Metal band from France, will be releasing in February 2013 a new album called Cypher, through Agonia Records. Cypher has 9 tracks and will be available as a deluxe digipack CD and limited vinyl.
You can see the cover image on the picture above.
This is for Lachryma Christi a very good example of Experimental/Ambient/Industrial Black Metal. Very good quality. Very intense, even hypnotic.
Spektr really have their own identity, nothing or almost nothing sounds like them, and Cypher is a good proof of that.
This album was recorded with no vocals at all, which makes it even more special if you are a fan of this kind of music. You can hear some words being said and also yelled on the track Cypher though.
Don't expect this to be popular with a lot of dancing industrial sounds, because it is nothing like that. Black Metal is very evident here. Every song has very good arrangements of good healthy noise and everything makes sense.
The track Teratology is maybe the most ambient one, with keyboard sounds in the beginning, and after one minute of creepy and sharp keys, the song bursts into amazing Black Metal stuff, fast, grim, where guitars couldn't be better, very close to perfection in fact. Just before it gets back to the creepy keys and the experimental drums. Very groovy at times.
There is a message spoken in the beginning of the track The Singularity that will certainly make you think.
This is a very well elaborated work, full of experimental sounds and melodies which will leave you in a a trance.
So if you like Blut Aus Nord or Haemoth, for example, you will find Skeptr and Cypher album very interesting. For those who don't know, one of the two members, Hth, is also a member of Haemoth. Anyway, if this is your kind of music at all, don't ignore this masterpiece, it's just almost out there!

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