Sunday, December 16, 2012

Review: CSSABA's latest album "Underground Lo-Fi Songs"

CSSABA just released a new album on the 6th of December through Polish label Pagan Records. For those who don't know, CSSABA is an Industrial Black Metal project of Nihil, well known from bands like Furia. The album is called Underground Lo-Fi Songs and it is the second full-length of the project.
If you like noisy, experimental, industrial music, you will adore this release. 
The cover doesn't say much about what you will listen, as you can see on the picture above.
So this album has 8 tracks, all of them very much more experimental than properly industrial. Very hypnotic too, especially the last track.
First and third tracks (they have no names) are a bit more groovy and electronic.
Second track resembles Black Metal a lot more than the others, for the rhythm and composition itself and use of instruments, and also for the voice which is very throaty.
Forth track is also a bit groovy and slow, and actually much more melodic than the others. 
These are maybe the tracks that allow a description, because everything else is not much more than beats and noisy experimentations and unsettled voice.
There's the predominance of low tuned sounds, all very bassy.
If you are a fan of Ulver's Industrial works, you will find this album amazing. It's just a bit less melodic than Ulver.

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