Tuesday, December 4, 2012

News: Ildjarn

Season of Mist will be re-releasing the full back catalogue of Norwegian one man band Ildjarn, as well as the Ildjarn-Nifhogg and Sort Vokter productions. This the list of the reissues:

Norse (EP)
Ildjarn (album)
Strength and Anger (album)
Landscapes (album)
Svartfråd (EP)
Forest Poetry (album)
Hardangervidda (album)
Hardangervidda part 2 (EP)
1992-1995 (compilation)
Eksistensens Jeger (single)
Nocturnal Visions (EP)
Minnesjord – The Dark Soil (EP)
Ildjarn 93 (EP)
Ildjarn Is Dead (compilation)
Sort Vokter - Folkloric Necro Metal (album)

All these 15 reissues will be available digitally in the next following weeks and most of them will be available to purchase in physical editions later on. 
As mostly of you know, Ildjarn ceased their musical activities in 2005. These are only reissues of past releases.

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