Monday, December 3, 2012

Review: Hellveto's latest album "Damnaretis"

Hellveto, Orchestral Pagan Black Metal one man band from Polland, has been proving us how dinamic and imaginative a band can be. Not many bands can release so many albums in only ten years! Their latest one was released in September 2012 and its called Damnaretis
Artwork represents a skull within which you can see the woods in a very gelid image. Very pretty and romantic.
The album contains 10 tracks all following the same line of composition.
Every song is very strong, full, warm, there are no empty spaces here, everything is filled up to the top. 
Almost all the songs have a very interesting orchestration at the beginning, introducing us to what is the core of Hellveto: The emotional melody, sometimes filled with growling voice, sometimes filled with clean transparent voices, accompanied by the potent guitar riffs and the always crescent atmosphere and rhythm and the folk influence. Very symphonic, this album really makes a perfect connection and exotic mixture between the folk and pagan music and sounds with the traditional Black Metal. All the songs seem to be linked to each other as a whole. The medieval sounds are there as expected, as well as the mystic sounds supporting everything else.
Doesn't matter how many albums Hellveto already released, that doesn't make the band  more trivial. Damnaretis is truly enchanting, just like a battle soundtrack.
There's not much more to say about it really. If you are looking for something different, something more organic and potent with a little bit of chaos in between, give a listen to Damnaretis

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