Thursday, December 13, 2012

Review: Pandemonium's latest album "Misanthropy"

Black/Death Metal band from Poland, Pandemonium released their latest album in March 2012 through Pagan Records. The album is called Misanthropy and contains 8 tracks.
Regarding the artwork cover it was created by Paul, the singer.
This album is a bit different as it is quite varied. It certainly is a Black/Death Metal band and album, it's hard if not impossible to deny that, even though in this album the doom influences are very notorious. All the album is very dark and atmospheric as it is characteristic from Black Metal, but it is also very doomish and with influences from Death Metal, and erudite music. It is a very strong and powerful album which has the collaboration of Androniki Skoula (Chaostar and Septic Flesh). This collaboration is precious  apart from the participation on the song Stones Are Eternal, which seems to be the only less positive point in the album. In the middle of such power and strength it is a bit out of place when the voice comes along, as it sounds a bit dissonant at times. Androniki Skoula's voice is amazing but maybe this song is not the best way to show it, sadly. As for the other songs where you can hear her voice, it is a very good combination.
The track Necro Judas is impressive, really really good and with a bit of every little thing Pandemonium can do. Memorable song.
There are also other remarkable songs like Only The Dead Will See The End of The War, with some Middle Eastern melodies in addition to such a rich heaviness and imponence, it is amazing.
The song Avant-Garde Underground is a bit different, it is a bit Avant-Garde really, and also a little influenced by punk at times.
If you are a fan of Triptykon, early Samael and  Tiamat, you will certainly adore this album.

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