Monday, December 17, 2012

Review: Blodarv's new album "Gâst"

Danish Black Metal band Blodarv just released exactly five days ago their new album called Gâst, through Self Mutilation Services. The album is available in both regular CD format and in a limited edition A5 format with different artwork. Booklet has 16 pages and includes lyrics. The limited edition merchandise includes a T-Shirt, patch and pin are also available.  
Please find an image for the artwork cover above.
This album musically is actually very attractive. Very melodic and melancholic.
The album has 8 tracks.
First track Indelukket starts with a 55 seconds intro with a low tuned sound until the song itself starts as a hymn. Very melodic and sad and also very powerful. It has throaty and clean voice on it. It's absolutely marvelous. Very slow and strong.
Don't expect lots of blast beats or you will be disappointed. But get ready for an explosion of emotions as this album is really very warm. There are also clean female voices, as in the fifth track The Heart of Art, which is maybe the slowest track in the album, before it really opens to some very fast and heavy drums when you are not expecting it to happen anymore. Good surprise.
Track 6 is called Lonely Journey and that title is just perfect. All you hear is a very creepy and almost funeral melody by the keyboards, and a monstrous voice kinda reciting. It is actually creepy and makes you feel very lonely and sad and empty of anything good. 
Last song Into the Halls of Orion is an acoustic song with varied voices (male and female) and sounds like whispers, very dreamy, very nostalgic. Beautiful harmony and melody. Sense of peace but great sadness as well.
These are probably the most remarkable songs in the album for Lachryma Christi.
If you like melodic, nostalgic, touching the depressive, sad, introspective, warm, emotional Black Metal, go for it, one of the best for 2012!
This really brings lots of intense feelings so get ready for an amazing journey while you listen to it.

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