Friday, March 18, 2016

Static Tension Recordings celebrate 1st anniversary with free release

Static Tension Recordings is a label from Oregon and they are now celebrating their 1st anniversary by releasing Brain Damage, a free compilation. This label is somewhat versatile and the compilation contains tracks from the bands who worked with the label along this first year.

You can stream the whole compilation here:

Track listing for Brain Damage:
1.Sharp Weapons - Eat Another Chord
2.Reign Of Fury - Harbinger Of Decay
3.Curezum - The Top
4.The Wolf Council - The Day I Cleared The Debt
5.A Light Within - Between Shores
6.Curse of the North - Sleep While You Can
7.Dead River Runs Dry - Revenge Upon Fate
8.Biotoxic Warfare - Proclaim The Gospel Of Lies
9.Tormenter - Critical Stasis
10.War Curse - Severed Crosses
11.Biotoxic Warfare - Baptized In Blood
12.Allfather - Blood Red Sunset
13.Lucis Absentia - Colossus

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