Friday, March 18, 2016

Niklas Kvarforth and former label Spinefarm Records reached an agreement

In a statement issued three days ago, Niklas Kvarforth confirmed that the band Shining had reached an agreement with former label, Spinefarm Records, for the re-releasing of three of Shining's recordings, which, according to Kvarforth, "have all been unavailable for a few years due to several "inconvenient" matters".

The frontman also says: "SHINING's seventh full-length album VII / Född Förlorare and the Lots Of Girls Gonna Get Hurt EP will both appear in CD and Limited Edition vinyl formats, with the vinyl formats having one additional track each.

"But the best news of all is that Redefining Darkness will once again be available to those who missed out on its short-lived presence on the record market.  The album will be available in both deluxe digipak and vinyl editions".

The deluxe digipak edition of Redefining Darkness, and the vinyl editions of all three of the re-releases, have been re-mastered by Andy La Rocque at the Sonic Train Studios, and are now available to pre-order, along with new merchandise and bundles from

Ten tracks from Shining can be heard at

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