Thursday, March 17, 2016

Review: Blakk Old Blood's upcoming EP "Greed"

Black Metal band Blakk Old Blood are releasing a EP on vinyl format on the 13th of May. This is a band that has very experienced members from bands as Asag, Deathcult, and Antiversum. They are from Switzerland and the EP will be called Greed. It has 4 tracks and is released through Clavis Secretorvm.
What a good surprise! Such good stuff is rare to find nowadays, if you like more traditional bands, that is. In fact, if you are expecting to find tortured voices, agonizing laments, long doomy riffs full of sadness and despair and fast drums, you will find all that in these short but very powerful release. The second track Intermezzo is full of painful screams and disturbing noise. On other tracks, at times the voice resembles Attila from Mayhem (which doesn't seem to be a problem at all) and sometimes the guitar sounds a tiny bit out of tune (especially in Seed of Greed), which is difficult to tell if it was on purpose or not. Anyway, it adds some more drama and atmosphere to the whole thing.

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