Thursday, March 17, 2016

Review: Blakk Old Blood / Black Devotion Split 7"

As mentioned on the previews review of Blakk Old Blood, they are releasing a EP called Greed on the 13th of May. On the same day, they are releasing as well a split 7" with the band Black Devotion through Clavis Secretorvm. On side A there is a track of Blakk Old Blood called 7 Chants. Very different from Greed. Much more aggressive musically and in terms of sound quality as well. Sounds like it was taken from the depths of a trunk, as a tape you haven't heard in 20 years. This doesn't mean it is bad though. Specially in a time when some black metal bands and labels are trying to go back in time and sounding more rough than what we have been listening to in the last decade. It is quite tortured and screamy and fast and noisy as we are already accustomed to.
Side B is a track by Black Devotion called Prophets of the Black Arts. There is a big contrast here regarding the quality and the clarity of the music. Same style, same aggressiveness, but touching a bit the Death Metal singing and with more neatness. However, sounds like the perfect match. The two bands may be a bit different but it is a good combination. When you hear one track and then the other it gives sense to the split.

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