Thursday, March 17, 2016

Review: Dead River Runs Dry's upcoming album "Hierophants of the Storm"

For the ones who don't know, Dead River Runs Dry are a band originally from Australia and are  releasing their debut album in vinyl. The album is called Hierophants of the Storm and is to be released on the 3rd of June.
Hierophants of the Storm is all about the storm phenomena and about all that is involved. It has 10 tracks of almost pure Black Metal. The sound is very Black Metal, but there are other influences as well, such as a softer heavy metal. You can hear the sincerity of the instruments with all their rhythms and melodies and in the way they combine with the voice. The voice is sometimes more bassy and other times more high pitched as we are traditionally used to listen in Black Metal bands.
Lachryma Christi's favorite track is Skull of the Wind. Has a mix of everything in there. The blast beats, the fast riffs, the agonizing voice, the weight of a thunderstorm, but also a very catchy melody at times, melodic and melancholic. Hyperic Vortex is also a very interesting track, but sometimes sounds like it is from a different band.
The artwork is by renowned artist Lucas Ruggieri and the album will be available through Static Tension Records (USA).
Good stuff.

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