Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Review: Scorned Deity's latest album "Adventum"

Recently Lachryma Christi was contacted by the vocals of Scorned Deity, a Blackened Death Metal band from USA, Detroit. They released recently their second album called Adventum. After listening to the music, it was actually a very good surprise. The music is in fact amazing. The album has 11 tracks, all of them very melodic and powerful. They are very sober, their sound is very cohesive, they sound really professional. The band formed almost ten years ago, and they have everything to be great, if they keep presenting us with such nice stuff.
Everything sounds very perfect, very complete, the keyboards bring a very strong atmosphere, melodies are just beautiful. Voice couldn't be better nor more suitable than this, sounds really good all together. There are also female voices as in background, along the songs. Very epic.
Besides the melodies you can also find very fast and majestic rhythms, really big, huge stuff. Guitars also sound very tuned and assured especially on the solos.
So yeah, go for it. Give these guys a chance, you won't regret as their music is really good.
An interview will come up in the near future.

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