Monday, December 9, 2013

Review: Endstille's latest album "Kapitulation 2013"

German Black Metal band released recently their new album called Kapitulation 2013 through Season of Mist.
What is good about this album? Everything. Honestly, really hard to find even one thing to point out as bad. Endstille prove once again that they are really great at what they do. Again they present us a very angry and powerful album, full of good stuff, each track stronger and more intense than the other. Full of rhythm as well, full of so much goodness, really hard to describe in words.
Endstille definitely work out much better on studio than live, as their sound is so full of detail, that in a show it is hard to listen to everything so clearly and to notice so many bits that make their music so great.
Once again, if you like Endstille, go for it, you won't regret. It is full of what any fan of Black Metal would like to hear, and surprisingly it is still original, and not just more of the same.
Not much more to say, really. In the meanwhile you can read an interview with Endstille here:

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