Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Review: Negura Bunget's recent single "Gînd a-prins"

Romanian band Negura Bunget released recently a single called Gînd a-prins through Prophecy Productions. It has two songs.
Negura Bunget have changed a lot with time. Ten years ago they were completely different. Still, they haven't lost their atmospheric thing.
Gînd a-prins is very calm, quiet, silent in it's musicality, if that makes sense. It is deep, immersed in a great mystical and nature oriented atmosphere.
It was a good surprise, after all the changes they have shown us, after all the Black Metal characteristics that make sure we notice they have left behind. This is a release that works out. It is very pure, very relaxed, very beautiful.
Certainly Negura Bunget still has it in them, and still can share with all of us a great amount of professionalism and quality. All of it works much better like this, on a studio work, and sadly not live anymore. So anyway if you like this kind of thing, give this single a listen, it is good.

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