Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Review: BUIO's promo "Buio"

Italian one man band Buio will release their debut album in January 2014 through Firstborn Chaos, limited to 300 copies on CD format. But recently they released a promo (more precisely in September) called Buio. It has two tracks. If you are familiar with Buio's work you know what to expect. Never disappointing, very Burzum influenced, very melodic and melancholic. Voice is just great, really perfect in the genre of music that it is, very dragged and suffered. It is good Black Metal, good hard work of this musician, Count Morgul, that always does things in a very personal and meaningful way.
One of the tracks is shorter and instrumental only. Both of them are very introspective and inspiring.
If you like Burzum's old stuff you will certainly like Buio.
Much respect to musicians like this, who do what they really enjoy doing, and who are so pure and honest in their art.
Hopefully the  album will be as good.

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