Monday, December 9, 2013

Review: Falkenbach's recent album "Asa"

German one man band Falkenbach just released a new album called Asa, the first one to be released through Prophecy Productions.
Asa is the sixth album of the band, all of them have been really good. Asa is one of the best. It is quite melodic, at the same time heavy, never losing any quality in any of their different and varied bits. Yes, because Falkenbach has their own style, their very proper thing, that very special voice, and they have quite a lot of different influences, from viking stuff, too black metal stuff. Asa is just another masterpiece of the band, but maybe more catchy, more melodic, more interesting.
Falkenbach truly seem to be very genuine in everything they do, very honest very transparent. This album just shows their purity once again. Really majestic, strong, emotional, huge, an album to listen to over and over again, and to never get bored of.
Definitely a great musician behind all this.
Go for it!

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