Friday, September 12, 2014

Review: Saille's upcoming album "Eldritch"

As you know, the last album of Saille, Ritu, was the number one of the top 10 Black Metal albums for Lachryma Christi in 2013. So obviously Lachryma Christi has been waiting for the new album with antecipation.
Once again, Saille will figure on the top 10, this time for 2014, with Eldritch which is coming out on the 10th of November 2014 through Code666.
Eldritch has a very impressive artwork cover, really majestic image as you have the opportunity to check below.
It has 9 tracks, all of them very powerful and full of good stuff.
It is important to mention though, that this time the factor surprise wasn't as present as before. With Ritu every song was like "oh wow!". Listening to Eldritch is still a great experiment, but not as fantastic and a bit confusing. Doesn't flow as naturally. And it is with great sadness that Lachryma Christi shares this point. But it is maybe more brutal, stronger, with more details that were not in Ritu. If you pay attention, even in the fastest drum bits you can hear very subtle "noises" and blip sounds behind everything, that make each track only more special and different.
You can hear some similarities to some things that have been being used in bands such as Vreid, or even Dimmu Borgir (yeah, two very different bands, but once you listen to the album you will understand this, as it is made of very different melodies and sounds and stuff).
But in general Eldritch is still a very original release, full of greatness. You won't regret waiting another two months to hear this. It is very compensating once you actually manage to listen the whole thing through.

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