Friday, September 12, 2014

Review: Dementia Senex's EP "Heartworm"

Dementia Senex are not entirely Lachryma Christi's thing, just so you know. They are from Italy and they released the EP Heartworm last year. Recently the band contacted Lachryma Christi and yeah, even though they are not properly Black Metal, Heartworm is worth a review. Why? Because they have some post Black Metal influences and because they are actually good. The voice is more death metal, hardcorish at times. But musically you can find the doomy bits that are so characteristic of the Post Rock and Post Black Metal stuff. Even though the "post this", "post that" are still strange definitions for any music.
Anyway, other highlights of this release: The music sounds professional. The music has quality. The production is very good. It has enough heaviness, enough brutality, enough melody,enough variety, enough a bit of everything to make it really good. Another band from Italy that is worth to check. No space for disappointment here.

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