Friday, September 12, 2014

Review: Dawn of Ruin's demo "Poço da Infâmia"

For those who don't know, Dawn of Ruin were not always Dawn of Ruin. They had two different names (Ekhidna and later on Tetraplegic God) and on 2007 they finally became Dawn of Ruin. And this is their first demo since then. It is called Poço da Infâmia and came out in June 2014.
It was a good surprise when Lachryma Christi heard the demo. It is quite a long one, with 8 tracks (five studio, three live). What to say about Poço da Infâmia? The band is Portuguese, and you can actually hear them singing in Portuguese which is a good thing. It may seem to be silly since Portuguese is not one of the languages people speak the most, but it is always good for any band to have at least some tracks in their own language. That is a valuable thing and doesn't happen all the time.
Well, Poço da Infâmia brings back some memories from the Black Metal that was being played in the late 90's, and which seems to have disappeared almost completely from the face of the earth, sadly. There are still some bands doing it but not as many. It was a good era. It actually reminds other Portuguese bands of that time.
Every track is quite heavy and has a bit of a raw sound. It is also very bassy, You can find fast bits, doomish bits, thrashy bits, it is quite good. Not mixed as if they don't know what there doing, but on the opposite, it is a good variety that manages to blend and become great music in the end.
You can understand they are experienced musicians, very together, loads of complicity going on. Very entertaining in a good way, very good indeed.
The only negative bit: Since the production is not at its best, the voice could be a tiny bit lower as in volume. Apart from that, it is great.

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