Monday, September 29, 2014

Review: Enthroning Silence's album "Throned upon Ashes of Dusk"

Another Italian Black Metal band showing us their amazing stuff. Throned upon Ashes of Dusk was released last year through Dusktone last year. It is a very strong and sad work. The music is quite aggressive but in a sad way, touching the depression. It is good though, introspective, full of emotions, but dark ones. This album brings the remotest dark bits of your soul up. It is not easy to like it if you are not into this kind of thing. It is not the usual Black Metal music with all the blast beats and stuff. On the opposite it carries a lot of doom in it.
So if you like dragged repetitive guitars, where it is impossible to not get the point or the message, you will like it. Get ready for some anxiety and sense of despair. Throned upon Ashes of Dusk is definitely very very strong, impossible to stay indifferent to it.
It has six tracks, but all of them very complete, very majestic and full of emotions.

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