Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Review to Aeternum's EP "Through Death We Ascend"

This week arrived at Lachryma Christi’s inbox the debut release of the very recent band Aeternum.
Aeternum are a London based black/death metal band formed around one year ago. This record is an EP, to be released on next Thursday, the 11th July, at their gig in Stockwell (please, see bellow for more information). Unfortunatelly, Lachryma Christi won’t be present at this gig, but you should expect an interview coming up very soon.
Through Death We Ascend is the title of this EP where you will be able to find six awesome and powerful tracks. Even though the band  started playing together as a band only one year ago, they show great experience and they are very cohesive, playing a melodic and fast black metal with very throaty voices which reflect great black metal influences with a touch of death metal. First track is an intro which consists on a melodic and dark keyboard short song that goes very well with the concept of the meaning of the title of the whole work, Through Death We Ascend.
You may also expect a very strong combination of guitars bringing you similarities to what used to be done in the 90’s.
If you want to see Aeternum playing live, they will be playing next Thursday, 11th July 2012, with Void, Virophage and Mørktår at the Grosvenor in Stockwell.
They will be selling copies of their EP on CD format.
Stay tuned for their interview here at Lachryma Christi.

You can find more information about Aeternum on the following website:

You can find more information about the show in Stockwell on the following website:

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