Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Interview with Tsjuder (NOR)

Lachryma Christi is very pleased to present you a short (unfortunatelly short) interview to the great Norwegian band Tsjuder! It is imperative to include Tsjuder in this blog, and certainly you will enjoy...

To start with, where did the name Tsjuder come from? Was it from the Russian Tribe?

Tsjuder was a tribe from the North. I’m not 100% sure where they originated, but somewhere in South of Russia I believe, and they moved up North. They then stayed in Russia, Sweden, Finland and Norway. They were a brutal people, thieves and robbers. They slaughtered and robbed everything in their path. It’s a fitting name for a brutal band.

Is it true that your lyrics are written prior to the music? How does it really work?

Yes they are. How it works is that we write lyrics, then make the music (that was ironic). Well, for us it’s very natural to have the lyrics ready before making the music. The lyrics naturally influences the music, and if the lyrics are aggressive, the music tends to be, and vice versa (not that it’s every “quiet”).

What are your main musical influences? Do you think Norwegian scene influences you, or is it the other way around?

We have been influenced by early thrash, death and black metal through all the years. Bands like Celtic Frost, Bathory, Kreator, Sodom, Sepultura, Sarcofago, Destruction, Gorgoroth, Darkthrone, Marduk, Mayhem, Immortal, etc. Yes, we have got great influences, and still are very influenced by the early Gorgoroth, Darkthrone, Immortal and Mayhem. I’m not very influenced of new Norwegian Black Metal, and I’m not sure in what grade we influence anyone. If we do, that’s good.

How do you consider the reaction of the public to “Legion Helvete”?

The response has been overall good. It’s being compared a lot to “Desert Northern Hell”, which I guess is to be expected. Some think it’s better, and some think “Desert…” is better. Anyway, I think most reviews have been ranging around 7-9/10, so that’s good. Also people we have talked to really appreciate the album.

What’s in store for Tsjuder? What can your fans except in a near future?

Right now nothing much is happening. We did quite a few concerts between March and May, but decided not to play more shows this year. We are considering to build our own rehearsal place, so that we can have our own equipment and setup, record while we rehearse etc. We aimed for a new album quite soon, but it might change to first record an Ep or something. We’ll see. Nothing is for sure. More concerts will take place in 2013, that’s pretty certain. 

Line Up:
Nag - Bass, Vocals
Draugluin - Guitars, Backing Vocals
Anti-Christian - Drums

Latest release:

Legion helvete (2011)

You can find more information and music of Tsjuder on:

Special thanks to Gunnar Sauermann and to Season of Mist

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