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Interview with Blacklodge (FRA)

This time, Lachryma Christi is proud to present you an interview with Saint Vincent from the French band Blacklodge. Blacklodge, as certainly mostly of you know, are not a traditional Black Metal band. Blacklodge mix Black Metal with industrial and electronic music. Their lyrics reveal much about experiences through drugs, worshipping Satan and enslavement through the machine. 

How did the idea of mixing so much industrial music with black metal rise? What were your big influences when you started the band?

I decided to mix both because when I started the band, back in 1998, I was fed up with all the bands  copying the scandinavian new wave of black metal. There were one good band among hundreds tasteless ones. I needed to do something more audacious. As I was listening to electronic music as well, I had to combine both to make something different. Moreover, SataN is the main topic of black metal. And I was not seeing SataN in forest, dark night landscapes nor cemeteries. I was seeing him in abandoned industries and urban rusting places. This led me more naturally to add electronic samples to my music. Then the band I met in 1996 was Traumatic Voyage from Munich. This band were back then mixing black metal with drug influenced electronic elements, and this was a huge revelation.

What exactly (if there is actually something) do you worship? Satan?

SataN, the most powerful force in the human life, the one who is accessing the most incredible amount of power nowadays, the tornado who is leading the humanity to global enslavement through technology, applied cybernetics. Science above the flesh. We are hailing the Great Beast and the rising New Babylon as we can see nowadays its triumph is coming. The signs are here, just look around to the arrogance and cruelty of the modern world. I would quote Deathspell Omega : «Si Monumentum Requires, Circumspice» !

How has the reaction of public been to the new album of Blacklodge and to Blacklodge signing to Season of Mist?

The new album is pretty new, as it has been released the 21st of June. We still need more time to have a real feedback. Though, the first reaction of the Blacklodge fans are extremely enthusiastic !

Supposedly, Blacklodge attract a more varied kind of followers, since the band plays a very peculiar style. Do you agree?

We mainly attract people from the black metal scene, as we started from there and we have been signed by End All Life for couple of years, which is a cult black metal label. Now, it is true we met more and more varied fans from different scene, but the majority are black metal fans. This is due I guess to the satanic message of the band. Before «SolarKult» we were about to meet a very famous hardcore DJ to work with him(I won’t say his name). Though he freaked out when he understood the satanic spirit of the band. I guess people from other scenes are not ready for this, but it would be a great honor to pollute their mind and spread the worlds of SataN !

What does your logo represent?

The name Blacklodge combined with a downside pentacle made of syringes, symbolizing the black magic of injecting chemicals in the human body. Technological rape of feeble human flesh by the metal of the needle, piercing the human skin to cum the dirtiest alchemy of chemical poisons. The bridge between SataN spiritual principal and the human soul, a bridge symbolized by the needle.

When you compose, what comes first? Industrial samples or black metal? How does it work?

This is our secret recipe. Made to stay secret. Let’s just say the most important thing is to have a Vision. A Vision about a dying post industrial world. Then writing music gets spontaneous and the mix between industrial samples and black metal natural.

What are your lyrics about?

The lyrics are very important in the band and brings the message of the spiritual Black Lodge through a path of initiation. Every album is an initiation step towards the understand and the mastering of the Black Lodge. The lyrics are dealing with experiencing through chemicals the revelations of the New Age to come through the Apocalypse, and the veneration of the ultimate satanic Empire who is taking shape right now through mass control and human enslavement to the benefit of the Antichrist soon arrival. The altered states visions permit to see the demonic nature of the post industrial world, the reality of the new sabbath in which humanity is feasting, and the triumph of matter and technology above the sacred and the traditional humanity. Humans are no longer the center of the universe as a creature of God, it is now a cogwheel in His Machine.

Does the name Blacklodge really come from Twin Peaks serie by David Lynch?

Definitely. I have been very impressed by the serie back in 1991 when it was programmed on French tv. I discovered a twisted vision of reality with a secret mystical feeling, that was very close to my own vision of life. Hallucinations that are more real than reality, connection, synchronicity, hidden places in which you are without knowing it...real places in which you are actually not...I actually decided back then that the band I will create will be named «Blacklodge» and I tattooed «Fire Walk With Me» on my arm. Though, the band never refers directly to the serie, just couples of winks are there and there for the attentive eyes.

Can you tell the name of a band you would really love to tour with?

Definitely Mysticum ! Would be the most perfect bill ever for me.

Is there any additional message you would like to leave to your fans?

Understand the satanic nature of our times and praise the MachinatioN !

Saint Vincent - vocals, guitar, machines
AcidJess - Bass
Narcotic - Guitar

Latest release:

MachinatioN (2012)

You can find more information and music of Blacklodge on:

Special thanks to Gunnar Sauermann and to Season of Mist

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