Sunday, March 18, 2018

Review to Soul Dissolution new album "Stardust"

For those who don't know, Soul Dissolution is an Atmospheric Black Metal duo from Belgium.
Their album Stardust is coming out on the 25th of March through Black Lion Records.
This was a very good surprise, to be honest. One word that comes to mind is cohesive. Although there are a lot more words coming, making it difficult to make a solid description.
Stardust is a wonderful record. Very melodic and very catchy.
There's an amazing dragged and strong voice, which emphasizes what needs to be emphasized and on the most appropriate time and way.
Fortunately, it isn't only the voice that does an amazing job. You can tell they know how to work together and how to make magic with their talent. Very together, very professional.
Some tracks are a bit more heavy and less melodic, but certainly always very musical. There's nothing to complain about. Not repetitive, nothing out of tune, is just all simply great.
This is the kind of record that offers different situations for varied expectations. From melancholy to power, with a touch of urgent despair. Also stays in your head for hours. So much energy there, it's even hard to believe. A record you must listen.

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