Monday, March 19, 2018

Review to Sojourner album "The Shadowed Road"

On the 15th of March, Sojourner released their new album The Shadowed Road through Avantgarde Music.
Labeled as Atmospheric Black Metal, this album has varied components in its songs, which makes us label it slightly different.
The music sounds pretty Black Metalish, but more Melodic than properly Atmospheric.
Besides not being extraordinarily different, it brings female voices back, which is something that isn't very common on this type of music anymore.
It is definitely very pleasant to your ears, but if you are expecting proper traditional Black Metal influences, you won't find any. You will find proper professionally played melodies, including instruments like piano or flute.
It is powerful, enchanting, full of sounds that can take you to a journey into a fairy tale forest. Very delicate at the same time. With a subtle epicness  you don't find very often nowadays. The cover is just perfect for the music this record holds.
If you're looking for something more magical and less brutal this is the right record for you. If not, can always give a chance to it as it might surprise you anyway.

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