Thursday, February 2, 2017

Review: Saille's upcoming album "Gnosis"

So, our beloved band Saille, from Belgium, are releasing a new album called Gnosis on the 17th of March, through Code666.
Saille have always brought us a very powerful music. Very artistic and introspective covers as well.
This time, it looks like they are more aggressive and heavy than ever.
Gnosis has 9 tracks and they are all a lot more dark and powerful and a bit less catchy than the previous albums.
These guys know how to make music, and know how to take a band to a even superior level.
Such an underrated band, really.
So, Gnosis. Drags you to a very deep journey. You can still find the keyboards and the bells, and those sounds that bring a great atmosphere, very horrory type of atmosphere in fact. But, most of it is very fast and full of fury and rage. From the melody through the guitars, or even from the voice. It all matches together.
It feels like we also get to a higher level while listening to it, So good, so introspective still, so full of nature and forces, dark forces. Disturbing in a very good way. Maybe because this is a concept album which explores the world of the Promethean ideal and it's Luciferian counterpart.
Before the Crawling Chaos is just indescribably good. So much greatness in just one song. So much melody and power and strength all together as one.
This album live should be something!
Alright, do a favor to yourselves and get it. Not long to go now. Only a month and a half. You won't regret.
Oh, and very possibly  there is an interview on the way. Keep an eye out!

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