Thursday, November 24, 2016

Review: Aborym's upcoming album "Shifting.negative"

As mostly of you know, Aborym, from Italy, are not a Black Metal band, but have been involved in Black Metal projects and bands in the past, and is always interesting to see what these musicians are up to.
Lachryma Christi has reviewed some of their stuff before and Shifting.negative is not going to be an exception. 
So, there was a big change in the line-up of the band, and at the moment the only member that remains from old members is singer Fabban.
There is a new album coming up, through Agonia Records.
Shifting.negative was reorded by Fabban, as mentioned, Dan V (multi-instrumentalist), RG Narchost (bassist and guitarist), Davide Tiso (guitarist), Stefano Anguilli (keyboardist) and many guest musicians.
The album is very varied, although industrial. Very experimental. You can find loads of influences, such as Nine Inch Nails or even Marilyn Manson, and even more strangely, Mike Patton. Seems strange but in fact it isn't, since it was mixed and mastered by Marc Urselli at Eastside Sound Studios (Lou Reed, John Zorn, Mike Patton), in New York.
If you're looking for catchy melodies, you probably won'd find as many, although there is a lot of musicality. 
You will certainly find acoustic bits, as well as very heavy guitar riffs that still remind us of the previous releases, but this one sounds very different. There are more exquisite songs, more of a healthy noise, more of a controlled confusion, it is good. Very good.
So if you are interested in some very heavy and sometimes a bit disturbing industrial music, give it a go. Coming out on the 25th of January, 2017, and will be available as Limite Box CD (which inclues jewelcase CD with two bonus tracks, rounded embroidered patch and wine coaster), Black vinyl (limited to 500 numbered copies), brown vinyl (limited to 100 handnumbered copies), or digital.

1. Unpleasantness
2. Precarious
3. Decadence in a nutshell
4. 10050 cielo drive
5. Slipping through the cracks
6. You can't handle the truth
7. For a better past
8. Tragedies for sales
9. Going new places
10. Big h

Read more in:https://aborym.bandcamp.com

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