Thursday, November 24, 2016

News: Crest of Darkness debut video from upcoming album on youtube

Norwegian Black Metal band Crest of Darkness are releasing a new album tomorrow, the 25th of November. This will be their 7th full-length album, and will be called Welcome the Dead.

In the meanwhile, the band released a video for the title track, and you can watch it here:

Founder and frontman of the band, Ingar Amlein has this to say about  it:
"We wanted to make a video that offers a glimpse into the dark world of CREST OF DARKNESS.  Perhaps we are just story tellers recounting a fairytale,  and the video can certainly be viewed and enjoyed at that level, but we are also  touching on aspects of Life itself and those eternal questions that people ask themselves about life and death and the meaning of it all.

"We might not have all the answers, and in all honesty we don't even want to pretend that we do, but what we do want is to make people think for themselves, and find their own answers .  Let's face it, we are all Gods.  Each of us builds their own universe, and it just happens that the world of CREST OF DARKNESS is my universe".

Welcome the Dead was recorded at the at MLP Studio by Nils H. Mæhlum, and mastered at the Kvålsonic Lab by Tom Kvålsvoll, and it will be released on My Kingdom Music in both CD and Digital formats, as well as a double LP format which will feature a special bonus track. 

artwork by Andrea Falaschi

1. Welcome The Dead
2. Chosen By The Devil
3. Scourged And Crucified
4. My Black Bride
5. Borrowed Life
6. The Almighty
7. Memento Mori
8. The Noble Art
9. Katharsis

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