Friday, February 14, 2014

Review: GIG Cradle of Filth & Behemoth + In Solitude + Inquisition + Svarttjern @ The Forum, London, UK

So, review for this gig. Lachryma Christi wasn't supposed to review this, LC went there for personal enjoyment. However, after some messages asking for the review, here is a short one. Yes, short because Lachryma Christi missed part of the first and last band.
So first band, Svarttjern. Even though LC only managed, for personal reasons, to see their performance during the last song, it seemed quite nice. Their posture and look was OK, more aggressive than the sound though. Music is good anyway, nice Black Metal, no noise, nothing bothering or boring. Was actually a shame that LC didn't see it from the beginning.
After Svarttjern came Inquisition. That was indeed a very good show. The two men band really perform perfectly. The music is good, the sound was good, they are very "neat", very professional, very sober. Really good show, to see again in the future, hopefully.
Following band, In Solitude. Boring, completely out of the blue, nothing to do (in terms of music) with the rest of the bands. Even in their context (some cheesy boring rock) they would have been quite boring. Nothing to offer, apart from boring and cheap almost imitation of good rock bands. Guitars were extremely loud. Weird and bad choice. 
Cradle of Filth were next. They played a very good set, loads of old songs, some more recent stuff, but nothing like "too much". Started the whole thing with Midian introduction At the Gates of Midian, which works SO GOOD live, even though the album is not that great. Then they also played Cthulhu Dawn, also from Midian. There were songs from The Principle of Evil Made Flesh, Cruelty and the Beast and some more recent stuff as mentioned already.
Pleasant, sound was OK. Dani Filth was bouncy as always, making a huge effort for people to react, just as last year. Lachryma Christi could hear enthusiastic fans of old Cradle of Filth singing along with Dani Filth and singing over the guitar riffs and keyboard melodies. So this is the proof that all that people who say "Oh I don't like Cradle of Filth anymore" or "Cradle of Filth live sucks", always end up in their shows anyway and sing! The same faces, the same so tough and true Black Metalers. This is good though. Cradle of Filth might have had some strange and unfortunate ideas during their journey, but their good stuff is still good stuff, and they still play their good stuff live. And there is also the myth of the unrecognizable songs etc. That is not true, let's be honest. 
When Lachryma Christi thought that Cradle of Filth would end their show with their worst song Her Ghost in the Fog, they actually surprised the crowd, coming back for a small enchore starting with the Ave Satani "intro", and then their best song Funeral in Carpathia. Was a good ending. 
Last band, headliners Behemoth. What to say about Behemoth? They play their role. They go there, play their music, no mistakes, nothing to complain about. Quality of sound was good. Nothing new to offer, more of the same. If you like Behemoth you would have found it amazing. If not, not. Lachryma Christi left after two songs. 
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