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Interview with Manimalism and review of their debut album

Tonight, Lachryma Christi has the pleasure to introduce you a very special band from Norway, called Manimalism. Who are Manimalism? Manimalism were found by Kim Sølve and three other members in 1992, but under a different name: Taarenes Vaar. By then they recorded two demos, and that was it. Now, 22 years later, they are back under the name Manimalism, to show the world how exceptional they are. Manimalism are releasing a new album in the next month, through Adversum. It is a self titled album. It is built from the demo tracks plus two other tracks, all written between 1993 and 1999. Lachryma Christi had the pleasure to interview Kim Sølve and ask a few questions about the rebirth of the band and about the album and the whole thing.
You will also find on the bottom of the page, a review for the album.

How did Taarenes Vaar turn into Manimalism. Why did that happen?

It is exactly the same band, just under a new name. When naming the band Taarenes Vaar early on I was writing the lyrics in Norwegian. I wanted to write lyrics in English and sought out a name that fitted more to my visions. The hunt for perfection is a never-ending one.
There were loads of changes, such as line up changes, would you like to tell us a bit of the story?
Manimalism was formed under the name Taarenes Vaar in 1992. We quickly evolved from crude Black Metal into something a little bit different, building more upon the musical heritage of Thorns than the melodic Metal that flourished at the time. We released one cassette demo in 1996 and one in 1997, both as Taarenes Vaar. We entered a studio to record our debut album but the recording was abandoned. Then followed years of chaos. Because of my total lack of will to compromise there have been members passing through the band and today I am the only one left from the four that founded it originally. The line-up is Petter ‘Plenum’ Berntsen (Virus, Audiopain) on bass, Bjeima (Yurei, Alfa Obscura) on drums, Joachim Svebo on vocals, Member 01 (The Konsortium) on vocals, and me on guitars. Since back then I have been dead set on releasing the album no matter what, and now the time has finally come. The album features the same tracks which appeared on the two demo cassettes along with two tracks written during the same period. So although the recording took place during the last 12 years, this is the very same album I wrote between 1993 and 1999.

How does it feel to be back after 22 years? Do you notice any difference in terms of public and in terms of what the public nowadays expects?

It is 22 years since the band was formed, and about 16 years since I was done writing the album, but it is still a long time. I have no clue what the public expects, and neither do I care. I want people out there to hear it, but the album is done very much for my own sake.

What does Manimalism mean for you? What is the message you want to share with us?

That is for the listener to figure out, don’t you think? I prefer to listen to music without a user manual. Make of Manimalism what you wish.

Where does your inspiration come from? Your music is quite different, original and special. What do you have in mind when you compose music and also lyrics?

Every creative being need to seek inside to get to know more about whom they are and what they need to do. I found dissonance and darkness inside me, and I felt immense pleasure in consuming abrasive and transgressive art already as a kid. So I wanted, or should I say needed to reflect that in my music. I needed to create, and at the time this album is what came out of it.

Manimalism are now releasing the first album. Anything you would like to say about it? It must be really exciting to put it out after so many years!

It feels good, very good. I am proud and I think the music is great and truly deserves this release. It seems people out there agree.

Any news about playing live?

I would like to play live, but it is not realistic at this point.

Any artists/bands Manimalism would like to share a studio or a stage with? Why that choice?

Perhaps Bryan Ferry. Or David Bowie. The rest are dead.

What else would you like to tell us? Anything you would like to advertise, or any last message to your followers for now?

Manimalism will be out through Adversum november 17. The vinyl is a deluxe product with either black or gold vinyl, gold and black print, and gold gutter print. All in all a very slick release worthy of both your dime and your time.

Line up:

Petter ‘Plenum’ Berntsen (Virus, Audiopain) on bass
Bjeima (Yurei, Alfa Obscura) on drums
Joachim Svebo on vocals, Member 01 (The Konsortium) on vocals
Kim Sølve on guitars

Review: Minimalism self-titled album

Lachryma Christi receives surprisingly good (and sometimes bad, but that's not important right now) music everyday. Minimalism was not only a good surprise, it was a ridiculous combination of strong emotions, these guys are really great! It is a shame to think that it took 22 years for them to record an album. And it is sad to know that Lachryma Christi never heard the demos before either. So what is Minimalism about? It is a very good mix of Black Metal with Doom Metal, if we can put it that way. Oh,and with a clean voice. Don't expect growls and screams, as it won't happen. The album has 7 tracks, all of them following the same line, but all of them very special and extraordinary. Even though the line up is not the original one, they really sound like a pack, like a whole. All is perfect, since the strange tones to the elaborated rhythms, and the voice is just so majestic... Difficult to put everything into words. Everything so together, so perfect, the guitars are very heavy and powerful, combining perfectly with the torrent of sounds and details of every other instrument. Voice reminds a bit of King Diamond at times, or even Papa Emeritus, or even Maniac. See? This is what Lachryma Christi means by being difficult to put into words. It is basically impossible to make comparisons, there is nothing that can be truly and fairly compared. Definitely one of the top ten Black Metal albums of 2014 for Lachryma Christi. Unique. Superb. Perfect.

You can find more music and information of Minimalism here:

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