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Interview with Progenie Terrestre Pura - (q[T]p) (IT)

Tonight Lachryma Christi has for you an interview with a very peculiar band from Italy called Progenie Terrestre Pura - (q[T]p). Their sound is quite strange to be described in words, but very good.
You can actually read a review to their latest album U.M.A. (Uomini, Macchine, Anime) released in April through Avantgarde Music here:
So yeah, get ready for some new experiment, read this interview, read this review and go and listen to some tunes, you won't regret.

What do you mean by Progenie Terrestre Pura (q[T]p)?

Progenie Terrestre Pura means "pure progeny of the Earth", the name is related to the general concept of the project (the interaction man-machine) and it symbolizes the "natural" condition of humanity (as we are now, basically) compared to those who will be deeply hybridized with technology/machines.

What are your lyrics about? Your songs sound all very “spacey”…

As mentioned above, the basis of our concept is the interaction between man and technology/machines, the tension between being "pure" and evolve into something new (for example the finitude of "natural" life in comparison with the "immortality" brought by technology), but also the danger that technology can bring (for example extinction of the human species).
Then there are other topics such as space exploration, the destiny of the human race, etc.

Where did the idea come from, to mix Black Metal with this Avant-Garde thing, plus the electronic space-based sounds?

Well, basically because we’re trying to do something new, both of us with our own styles and preferences but with common tastes and open minds. Probably we wanted to go "beyond" the veil of a genre easily stagnating in the sound consolidated by Darkspace.
U.M.A. is an (Atmospheric) black metal album fist, progressive and electronic, but not yet "Avant-Garde" we would say.

Where do you get the inspiration for music, as well as for lyrics?

We find inspiration from everything we listen, we read, we watch: these are the sources of inspiration, after we elaborate more personal ideas . So, if musically we move from black metal to modern progressive parts (Meshuggah, djent), quoting Pink Floyd in a solo (La Terra Rossa di Marte), layering electronic sounds etc., lyrically Asimov is, maybe, the most important, but also Tarkovsky or Lèvy.

What are your favourite artists?

Eon[0]: I mention only the most important figures of ever for my - musical - vision (so far): Varg Vikernes (Burzum), Devin Townsend, Mike Oldfield… and, some years ago, I found in Keith Merrow an artist that signified much for me.
My "favourite" artists are too much to write them here.
Nex[1]: I don't have absolute "favourite" artists, usually I listen to single albums rather than blindly worship an artist; but of course I admire many musicians: Simon Posford, Quorthon, Magnus Birgersson, John Zorn, etc.

There are not many bands doing the kind of sound you do, how do you feel about that? Do you play it because  this is what you really like only, or also because it is a different thing?

We like it because is different!
Playing something a bit different is essential for us, first of all. This is the identity of q[T]p, to evolve and to experiment in this big imaginary that we have created, so it’s natural that it's different from all the other bands.
We could also play old school black metal or standard goa trance old style without problem in other bands, most probably we will have fun, but when we are q[T]p it's totally different thing.
It's fine that you say "there are not many bands doing the kind of sound you do", because it means that we are doing it well, eheh!

In each song of you, there are so many different and varied parts, how does the composing process happens with Progenie Terrestre Pura?

We "create" a general idea before, maybe inspired by an argument or maybe we think to something that we haven't musically tried yet, then we fix the first ideas. From here it’s a flow that flows. When we think that the structure of the song is complete, we stop, turn back at the song and complete it.
It's a long process for each song, considering also the length of every composition.

The voice is not that evidenced as the music, is it intentional?

The voice is meant as an element within the general sound, not necessarily as something more important than other parts/layers. The lyrics are obviously a very important aspect of the project, but we think vocals should not necessarily emerge all over.

How has been the reception of the new album, by the public?

Very very good! For an unknown project like our it is a big success. We hoped to have a good reception and, at the end, it’s going very good! We are satisfied, but we hope it will increase, of course.

What do you plan for a near future?

A new album is the priority. If it would arrive offers for other things we will evaluate everything, but, for now, our total occupation is for a new album, that we would like to release in 2015 or 2016, and we started to talk about a special EP, but it’s just an idea again, dateless and without a song composed for it.

Anything you would like to add?

Well, first of all a big thanks for your support, and a big thanks also to all people that sustain us, of course.
We take the occasion to inform that from the 8th of July will be available (in Avantgarde Store) our official "U.M.A." T-Shirt (in two color, ice grey and blue cosmo), as well as our digipack cd.
Thanks again people, and take a look at the Space.

Line up:

Eon[0] - Instruments and machines
Nex[1] - Vocals and machines

Latest release:

U.M.A. (2013)

You can find more information and music of Progenie Terrestre Pura in:

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