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Interview with Cadaveria and review to the re-release "The Shadows' Madame"

This time, Lachryma Christi had the pleasure to interview Cadaveria herself. As you know, Cadaveria are an Italian band, frequently described as Goth/Black Metal. They just re-released their album Horror Metal, and are now re-releasing the album The Shadows' Madame.

Please find a review for Horror Metal by Lachryma Christi here: http://lachrymachristizine.blogspot.co.uk/2013/06/review-cadaverias-horror-metal-re.html
You will find a review for The Shadows' Madame on the bottom of the page, just after the interview. But before, enjoy the words of Cadaveria.

Why Cadaveria as a name for a band/project? What did you mean to pass on to the crowd with that name?

Eh, this is a question I answered many times. Sounds strange to me as in Italian the meaning is clear, as ‘cadaveri’ means dead bodies. The root ‘cadaver’ is the same in English… I chose this name in 1992 when I started singing in my previous band and decided to gave the same name to the band I founded in 2001, but written in capital letters. ‘Cadaveria’ mirrors my essence and is referred to all what is dark, mysterious and grim. It’s inspired by gothic and cemetery stuff and it is connected to all what a dead body represents: paleness, death, sadness, suffering, grace.

Not asking for a label or a tag, how would you describe your sound? People say it is Goth/Black Metal, even heard people calling it “Horror Metal”, following the name of your album… How would YOU describe it?

It has always been difficult to me to find a simple way to define CADAVERIA genre and I assert music must be listened rather than described. Band members have different tastes and a variegated musical background that goes from the hard Rock of the seventies to the most extreme Black Metal, passing through Death Metal, Doom and Progressive. Our music is probably the unconscious mix of all of this. Sure there are Gothic influences, but not in the way Gothic Metal is meant today. My voice is far from any ladies singing in symphonic gothic bands nowadays. What is surely true is that horror stuff, cinema and literature are a great source of inspiration for our music and lyrics. Since our debut album The Shadows’ Madame was released in 2002, fans and critics dealt with the problem to define our music proposal and someone came out with the Horror Metal definition. Finally, in twelve years of activity I never found a better way to synthesize our sound. That’s why we definitely chose to adopt it, also to entitle out latest album.

What are your biggest inspirations, meaning artists?

Besides being a musician I’m a videomaker  and I love cinema. I images always remain impressed in my mind (more than names), whether they came from a movie, from a dream or from reality. So sources of inspirations are multiple. Speaking about the lasts album, the song Apocalypse came from a movie, Flowers in Fire from a personal experience, Death Vision from my considerations about death, The Days of the After and Behind just from my fantasy. Sometimes it is an artist that inspires me, i.e. the exhibitions of Andy Warhol, Bosh and Francis Bacon have been essential in writing a song like Atypical suggestions by a dead artist featured in In Your Blood album.

What are your lyrics about generally?

I general I can say they speak about myself, in the sense that, being me who write all the lyrics, they represent the stream of my consciousness. They deal with my interest: magic, the universe, art, cinema, life, death. It’s like to write a diary, then put it in music.

Do you read? If so, what are you reading right now?

I was used to read when I was younger and have more free time. My reading went from books about magic, to Freud’s, to classics like Baudelaire and Shakespeare. Every day for me is harder to find a quiet moment to dedicate to my spirituality and when I have some free time I just relax or read an undemanding book. Actually I have three books I began reading, and sometimes I go ahead with few pages: Lemmy’s biography ‘White Line Fever’, ‘Il Momento è Delicato’ by Nicolò Ammaniti (my fave Italian contemporary writer), and Carlo Verdone’s ‘La Casa Sopra ì Portici’. This last author is written by an Italian actor who tells about the ‘Dolce Vita’ period (1955-1965s) in Rome.

How was it to work with Riul Doamnei on their “A Christmas Carol” work released earlier this year? Such a masterpiece that one!

I met Riul Doamnei at an Italian festival. When the guys told me about the project I immediately liked the concept. I’m very satisfied of the result, but unfortunately I hadn’t a direct contact with them during the production, as I recorded my vocal parts in a different studio.

Is any of the musicians in Cadaveria playing in any side projects? If so, how is it to conciliate everything, since Cadaveria is such a busy band?

My drummer sings in Necrodeath, me and the bass player have a side project called DyNAbyte and the bass player himself just started another project called Killers Lodge. It’s quite hard to extricate all of this, but we are adult people with good sense, so finally it is all a matter of organization.

Who would you like to share a stage with? Why?

With Tool would be great. Not playing before them, but with them! I love Maynard J. Keenan.

How did the idea of re-releasing “Horror Metal” and now “The Shadows’ Madame”? How has been the reaction to the first one?

Our debut album had a great success. All four versions (the original, the one for the UK, the Brazilian and the Mexican one), released from 2002 to 2004, went sold out and now you can only find some copies on the web for more than 50 USD. We are continuing to play live, fans demand for this album and merchandising is important to support the finances of an underground band. I have been thinking about a reissue since 2011 but only now had the time to re-master it and to create a new artwork layout. Finally you will be able to listen to this CD again from July 16th 2013 on. The Undead Edition of Horror Metal, released last month, was a way to celebrate the success of our fourth album. We added two bonus track to enrich it and give something more to new fans that didn’t catch the first edition.

What else are you planning, after the re-release of “The Shadows’ Madame” in July?

We are actually working at CADAVERIA first ever DVD. It will be a sum of these twelve years of career with a lot of not previously released stuff, like live shows, backstage images, making-off, interviews and much more. It will be ready in few months. In the meanwhile we are continuing to play gigs. After the Summer we will play at MFVF in Belgium on Oct 20th and we are planning a tour in South America too (fingers crossed). Soon or later we will start the pre-production of a new album.

Anything else you would like to tell to anyone who is reading you right now?

Thank you very much for this interview. Check out the official music videos we recently released on http://www.youtube.com/cadaveriaofficial and have a look at www.cadaveria.com and www.facebook.com/cadaveria for any updates! Ciao.

Line up:

Cadaveria - Vocals
Frank Booth - Guitar
Dick Laurent - Guitar
Killer Bob - Bass
Marçelo Santos - Drums

Upcoming release:

The Shadows' Madame (re-release - 16th July 2013)

So, Cadaveria are re-releasing their album The Shadow's Madame through Black Tears on the 16th of July 2013. This album was originally released in 2002, but was such a success that they are releasing it again. Honestly, it's a lot heavier than Horror Metal that the band re-released recently as well. This is such a fast and strong album, full of blast beats and angry guitar riffs. Even Cadaveria herself sounds quite angry many times. Really aggressive and powerful, never losing the clean voices and melodic parts from times to times. There is a lot of symphony behind, really well blended all instruments and influences and little details all together. 
This is a magnificent album, full of goodness and greatness, so majestic, really good.
Cadaveria thankfully doesn't sound like a pig, which is the biggest problem with mostly of women singing in extreme bands. Not all of them but many of them. Cadaveria is very personal on her singing, really different from any other women singing this kind of stuff, and that is what makes this band so special. 
Do a favor to yourselves, wait two weeks, and get the album.

You can find more information and music of Cadaveria in:

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