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Interview with IRAE (POR)

IRAE is a one man project. This man is Vulturius, he is from Portugal, and IRAE is the result of his beliefs in Satan, his hate for human kind and his individualism. 

Sources say that the project IRAE was born in 2002. How do you see these ten years of existence in the Black Metal scene? Do you think that the public's tendencies remain the same?

Yes, musically IRAE was born in 2002 even though the idea has been following me since my early days on the scene, more specifically in September '95 when I adopted the name Vulturius and started playing bass guitar and formed my first band.
Thanks to some elements that did not pass the test rooms and many hours of discussion due to differences of ideals as lyrical or musical lifestyle, it was always like that until '98 when I joined Flagellum Dei and in 2000 when i joined Storm Legion and in 2001 as well when I joined Morte Incandescente and other projects. Then, finally, I started feeling fulfilled playing what I really liked. Besides that, I have been collecting riffs and ideas that I did not use on these same bands and over the time I learned how to play guitar by myself as well as recording and programming drums in a drum machine that I was given from a longstanding project in the 90's. When I realised, I was home creating something myself. That's how IRAE was born: an impulse born of hate and anger created by my individualism.
I do not know, have no opinion about it [public tendencies]. I only do what pleases me and I will not change it because of new trends. Fuck that. IRAE's journey is set since a long time ago. As a member of the public, it's funny to see how there are always "hypes" and "hypsters" appearing and when fever starts fading away they disappear and I'm still here doing what I always did with this band of one element.

Why a project with session musicians, and not a band?

I already had some bands and my own solo shit was missing.

Do you follow any religion such as Satanism?

I follow callings and follow my inner thoughts and not cults, I find Satan as the opponent of all other religions, freedom, strength and energy.
I want the total annihilation of mankind.

What are the bands that have been more remarkable for you over your career as a musician and as a lover of Black Metal?

I've heard and I listen a lot of stuff. Regarding Black Metal it has always been Burzum and Judas Iscariot. After those there were Emperor, when "Wrath of the Tyrant" came out, and Moonblood. There are more but now I mainly recall these.

(Photo is courtesy of Vulturius)

What's your opinion about the evolution of Black Metal underground scene in Portugal? What are the bands in your opinion that more faithfully express the spirit of Black Metal?

There are many bands and good quality but very few practice pure and genuine Black Metal because they also have other influences as a basis. Some of my favorites are Grave, Mons Veneris, Onirik, Scarificare.

What is the essence of IRAE? What are the main themes focused in the lyrics, and what is the main idea you wish to pass on?

The essence or IRAE is the essence of Satan, hate and thirst for destruction of all that man has built.

How did the idea of SPLIT with War Cult Supremacy came out? How has the public reaction been?

I know Abaddon from some time and he showed me a theme of his new project. I liked it and agreed to do it in split this year. Also made ​​a split CD with Velório and both are running very well. Had good reviews even though I don't give a shit about it. It will not change anything in the way things are.

After three releases in 2012 (a demo and two splits - please correct me if I am mistaken),do  you intend to launch some more work this year? For when a new album?

IRAE - Seven Hatred Manifestos (protape Skull Prods)
Velório  / IRAE - Deceiver's Light (CD Nekrogoat Heresy)
War Cult Supremacy / IRAE - Total Damnation (protape Signal-Rex)

It is planned to be released an edition in vinyl 12 inch and another one in CD of IRAE - To Those Who Stand... Evil Prevails, which is a pack containing the demo In The Veins of Satan and the demo Seven Hatred Manifestos.
It is also planned to be released IRAE - Ten Years of Satanic Madness. 13/14 tracks re-recorded from these first ten 10 years of existence, with the participation of the current session drummer. There are more guests such as Angel-O as bassist, Nefastus (ex-Flagellum Dei), Nocturnus Horrendus, etc.
And there is also planned to be released IRAE- Satan's Eclipse, in 7 inch.

Any message you want to leave to the readers of Lachryma Christi?

Fuck yourselves.

Latest Release:

Total Damnation (Split with War Cult Supremacy)  

You can find more information and music of IRAE on the following website:

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