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Interview with ABIGOR (AUT)

ABIGOR. The Black Metal band from Austria that don't play live. The band that stopped giving interviews a while ago. Lachryma Christi was lucky enough to have the opportunity to interview Peter Kubik. Being one of the most appreciated bands by Black Metal followers all around the world and with almost 20 years of existence, they still play their Black Metal "straight to the bone". 

Starting with a cliché question, but not less important than any of the others: Is the name Abigor related to Abigor the demon of war?

It is. ABIGOR is the demon of war, suitable for our art since 1993.

After almost 20 years of career, how do Abigor see the blackmetal scene around the world? Are there any improvements?

None of us is involved with the so-called “scene” anymore. We’ve a few contact around the world, but mainly our personal life, religious believes and what we create with ABIGOR is of importance. 
Of course there’ve been improvements, mainly from the early 90’s to 2000 was an enormous increase. Now days the entire genre is dying, just a download system of pure mp3 sounds and superficial internet based info-systems, just it’s doomed to fail in my opinion. 
Even a few die-hard fans and collectors still buy and love exquisite releases, but 90% are part of the mass consumer society that gives a shit on Satanic art and it’s true meaning. That’s how I see the “scene”, this is the cold truth.

 Do you really follow Satanism?

Yes. It’s a religious believe, deeply rooted to the Underworld and magic.

What are the main inspirations for your music in general?

ABIGOR is Black-Metal straight to the bone, therefore it’s all highly inspired by the satanic concept and the worship for Him. Black-Metal is the musical aspect of our believes, there’re different sources of inspiration in that case at least.

 How do you see the black metal scene in Austria properly?

As said, none of us is really involved with the scene anymore. I know a few of the “old” bands, but that’s it.

Are any of Abigor members working actively on any side projects at the moment?


What does the corpsepaint mean for you?

Corpsepaint is a transformation, the awakening of the demon within. Sometimes we use/used it for the mental transformation, but time changes, individuals grow, mentally any physically, the demon still lives within us, with or without corpsepaint.

How does the songwriting process happen in Abigor?

It’s the chaos-theory. I write songs/riffs/parts/loops, TT writes some stuff, then there’re edits, changes, reconstructions, new versions. Each of does what he wants, whenever he wants, we work separated, from time to time we change files or meet, and then the song rises, that’s the secret behind it.

Why the decision of spliting up after 10 years? There are a few versions of the story, hard to know exactly what happened...

TT’s departure somewhere from 2000-2004 was a reason for it, the rising problems with NAPALM at this time, my personal decision of ending it all up too. Different reasons that fucked me up to the wrong time, that was the reason for it. There’ve been time for a split, time for a break, nothing I regret at least.

 What do Abigor think of internet role in black metal? Do you think people still keep buying many records?

The sell rates are falling into the nowhere, all other stories are lies. People download songs they like, in fucked up YouTube quality, or the steal it from other download platforms. No one cares about an entire album; the concept behind it, the product as entire piece of art (music/message/layout), as said, our world is so superficial, but we should see the advantage behind that, it’ll sooner all collapse and fall into the void.

What was the album that gave more pleasure to record?

Seen from my point of view it’s was “Time…”, even it was completely misunderstood, but it’s the record that offers the most dark, and most complex songs we ever did. It’s a difficult records that needs time, but it offers so fucking much.

What can Abigor followers expect in the near future?

I don’t know, new ideas are finished, we’re looking for a new label too, nothing is fixed yet.

Anything you want to add that could be of interest to fans of Abigor and of black metal in general?

Check out  for the only official infos.

P.K. - Guitars, Keyboards, Bass
T.T. - Drums, Guitars, Bass, Keyboards
A.R. - Vocals

Latest release:

Quintessence (2012)

You can find more information and music of Abigor on:

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