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Interview with Velório (POR)

Two weeks after Lachryma Christi being launched online, its debut interview is with a Portuguese black metal project named Velório (which in English means “wake”). This project is a one-man-band, and this man is Angel-o, who has been playing in various bands along his course since the 90’s, and he also plays as session musician in shows of bands like IRAE and Corpus Christii, as you will have the opportunity to read.

How did the idea of the project emerge and why the name "Velório"?

The project arose from the collection of riffs that I've been accumulating on tapes and hard drives since 1997, when I played in a band called Amphion, and over the years a lot of material was not used in the bands where I used to play, as those bands involved people who did not share the same love and devotion to black metal.
As for the name “Velório”, the project has followed me since that time but I never assumed it as bands in question were inclined mostly to death / thrash metal. By the time I was showing some stuff to some people, I was invited to participate in the compilation Lusitania Dark Horde II and everything fell into place from there. Velório, reveals the issues I discuss as well as the will to ensure that we live in a mankind with disdain even if sometimes it is needed to desecrate gods, entities that contribute to the mentality of these times.

Is Velório supposed to be just a studio project? Wouldn’t you like to play your music live?

It's a complicated question because I have been repeatedly confronted with it, but today it is a personal project and playing it live would also be very complicated because it would have to have four guitars at once doing different things, which could compromise the work done in the studio. Also it is complicated to find faithful and available people to do it, because as I mentioned in the first question it has not been easy these years to find someone to do it so just at the moment playing live does not make sense.

In the songs of Velório we can hear some samples of masses (perhaps wakes!). How did you access them? Did you record them live yourself?

Yes, the samples used were taken from my father's funeral where I caught the Mass in its entirety, as well as the surrounding chants at the ceremony. There are also some sounds created at home.

It is very difficult to find information about Velório, perhaps because the project is relatively recent. After the release of the split with IRAE, "Deceiver's Light", is there any plan for an album of Velório?

Apart from the split with IRAE "Deceiver's Light" there is the compilation European Lusitania Dark Horde II where you can find the theme "The Rite of Lord Black." As for the album it is already recorded, just waiting for the final mix and then I will have to see the best proposals to launch it.

How did the idea of the split with IRAE come out? How has the reaction / acceptance of the public to the same been?

From what I remember, the idea of ​​the split with IRAE came through an invitation in a night of drinks with Vulturius, as well as invocations to Satan and other related activities at the studio SATHR, and so far there has been a very positive feedback about both projects.

Why a name in Portuguese, and English lyrics?

Because that’s what I feel at the moment and because originally I was working some texts with Mork (grimfaug) for the album that will come out, and it made more sense to follow the same concept. In the split, I wrote in full about the moment I was living. But there will be something in the future in Portuguese, of course.

What are your influences? Not only musically but also in terms of concept.

The influences behind Velório are essentially personal experiences associated with death, pain, indifference to life and above all much anger, having the influence of Lucifer as background. Musically there is certainly a strong connection with bands that were remarkable to me in the 90’s such as Abigor, Setherial, Isvind, Summoning ...

As well as a session musician in concerts with IRAE  and Chorpus Christii, are you currently involved in any other band / project? Are Panzerfrost really extinct?

At the moment I find myself just focused in Corpus Christii in concert and I am also available again to work with Nocturnus Horrendus in the new album of Corpus Christii. As for IRAE, there are a few records in my studio which I do not know when they will be launched, but I will be available to continue working also with Vulturius. There are partnerships related to Black Metal in which I will be participating but nothing I can reveal at the moment. For reasons of distance I  no longer find myself playing with Coldborn, Belgian band, nor with Flagellum Dei nor Panzerfrost. The change of residence made the methods of composition and rehearsals with Panzerfrost incompatible with the involved members, although I have much material done. That’s an issue that is not only up to me to decide.

How do you consider the black metal underground scene right now? In Portugal, for example, there are phases in which there have been many bands in the same style and only one or two survive. Soon after there comes another new "wave", and history repeats itself. How do you see this scenario?

I see it with some sadness because there were great bands that I liked a lot and that moment's gone and now, as you say, the cycle repeats itself, yet there is something positive about it : only the faithful remain! In the national (Portuguese) underground there are many good bands, which I hope won’t change their style when new waves appear (or changing their style to what is supposed to be more cool at that moment) but there will be those characters who will continue again with what they have created! I will not condemn anyone, as one follows what they wish. I only regret the wipe of thrash in recent years just because it is cool and old school ...

Is there any message you'd like to leave to the followers of Velório and followers of black metal in general, or even to the bands that are currently starting their course?

Do what thou wilt.

(All photos are courtesy of Angel-o)


Deceiver's Light (Split with IRAE)                                            

Lusitânia Dark Horde II (compilation)

You can find more information and music of Velório on the following websites:

(Interview was translated from Portuguese)

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