Monday, June 4, 2012


Lachryma Christi comes from an old idea of a newsletter that used to exist in 1998/1999, as a support to portuguese metal bands.
On those times, everything used to be in paper format. Although paper format makes everything so much more exciting, a blog is always a nice support to work and a nice way of spreading the word. Paper format should be available in some circumstances though.

The old newsletter used to support portuguese metal bands. Lachryma Christi will not support only portuguese bands, but will support mostly underground blackmetal bands from everywhere.

Any ideas are welcome, any bands interested in cooperating are welcome. And probably some modifications in the layout of the page will still occur. So feel free to criticize constructively.

Stay tuned, and if you wish you may write to

First interview should come out very soon.

Thank you

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