Sunday, April 15, 2018

Review of Carpathian Forest new EP "LIKEIM"

So yeah, good news, Carpathian Forest are working on their upcoming album, after so many years without bringing us any new music.
This is very much anticipated, obviously, and in the meanwhile we can already hear the EP LIKEIM that just came out on the 13th of April.
The EP has two tracks. One is a cover of Turbonegro's All My Friends Are Dead.
And it is amazing. Very catchy and punkish, so good really. It is very much the style of Carpathian Forest, so no disappointments here.
Really good cover.
As for the second track, it is Likeim, the first single of the upcoming album. It is a very Black n Roll song with some horror touch. Very good as well. Has the very obvious style of the band as well, meaning this EP is a good appetiser. Let's all wait anxiously for the next album.

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