Monday, November 20, 2023

Playlist for the week!


Here are the 10 releases suggested for this week. 

As usual, the order they are on the list doesn't have any meaning at all.


Friday, November 10, 2023

Review: Eremus' debut album "Monólogo"

Recently, Lachryma Christi was contacted by the Portuguese band Eremus. 
I have to confess I haven't heard of them before, sadly. 

Eremus are a duo, they have been around for quite some time. They have previously released a demo called Sonho, and more recently, more precisely at the beginning of this year, they released their debut album, Monólogo. I was very pleasantly surprised when I heard it. It is a great contribution for the depressive black metal style, which is one of my favourite ramifications of the black metal music.

So, what can you expect of Monólogo? You can expect very heavy, dragged and melodic riffs and rhythms with lyrics exclusively in Portuguese, if I understood well. In fact, there is something very Portuguese about their music. If you know it, you'll definitely know what I'm talking about.

Still about their music, it is not only slow and depressive (and I say this in a good way), but there are also fast bits which I wasn't expecting, and which I very much welcomed and appreciated. Eremus can combine a bit of everything black metal music is about, and the voice is on point as well. And I don't want to forget to mention the clean voices at the end of the second track Monólogo I. Very appropriate, very tuned and melodic. We need more of these kind of voices in this style of music. 

Monólogo has seven tracks, it is a very complete and sober album. I very much enjoyed it and plan to listen to it often. Looking forward to any upcoming release too.
I'd like to see them live. I don't even know if these guys play live, since it is a duo, but I'd definitely would like to see this music played live.

I definitely recommend Monólogo, and it's going straight to Lachryma Christi's top 10 releases of 2023.

Tuesday, November 7, 2023

News: Mormânt De Snagov released lyric video for single "Upon Their Feeble Existence"

Black Metal band Mormânt De Snagov from Finland are releasing a new album called Invocation Through Revocation on the 17th of November, through Wormholedeath.

In the meantime, they just released a lyric video for the single Upon their Feeble Existence, and you can watch it here:

Read more on:

News: Kalt Vindur release 3rd song from their upcoming album

Polish Black Metal band Kalt Vindur just released he 3rd song from their upcoming album Magna Mater.

The song is called Agonizing Luminosity, and you can listen to it here:

Magna Mater is scheduled to be released on the 26th of January, through The Circle Music.

You can pre order it here:

Tuesday, October 24, 2023

Review: Irae (PT) + Vectis (PT) + Grievance (PT) @ RCA Club, Lx, PT


Yesterday , Lachryma Christi went to see a Black Metal show in Lisbon, in RCA. It was a matinee, and only Portuguese bands.

For people who follow Lachryma Christi, you've already read reviews to Irae and Grievance shows. But it was the first time I saw Vectis live.

So, as you might know, the weather has been pretty grim around in Portugal, so a Black Metal show was very welcome on a Sunday afternoon. 
The atmosphere was pretty inviting.

The first band, Grievance, brought us old and newer songs. There was a bit of everything for everyone's taste. Their albums are somewhat varied, there are not two albums that sound the same, although they play a melodic but very particular, even unique sound. 

They were on point, as usual, the sound was remarkably good for a first band (we all know how the sound is never that good at the beginning of any show), although one of the guitars had a problem at some point further on, which was sorted out pretty quickly anyway. Good stuff.

Bearing their usual corpse paint, and their very traditional outfits with huge spikes and chains on, even a hood, they delivered a flawless show. They were restless, in the mood, theatrical and dramatic (in a good way), a proper Black Metal performance. 

As usual, although I have some five cameras, I like rudimentar photos. So there's that. Also, I didn't mean to share more photos of one band than the others. But Grievance were the only band who had a stage banner! Since I managed to take a photo of it with a nice light and no one on the stage, it seemed a shame not to share it.

After Grievance, it was time for Vectis. I had listened to their music at home, when the show was first announced, to see what their sound would be like. Turns out they play Black/Thrash Metal. Or maybe I should say Blackened Thrash Metal, as there is a lot of Thrash in there. I confess, although it's not very much my cup of tea, I enjoyed their music at home, and I enjoyed their show too. Also, Vectis are the perfect blend between Grievance and Irae.

They don't have that many releases (a demo and a EP), but they managed to go for as long as supposed, and more, as there was time for a short encore. They played 666 by Toxic Holocaust, which they had already played before. People in the public were happy, they were happy, I was happy too. Oh, and they also played a song from a split (if I'm not mistaken) which is planned to come out at some point.

It is a band I would see live again. Good music, good performance, good atmosphere, appropriate looks. Very 80s Thrash Metal. And great voice. I have to add this, because towards the end of the show I met a friend who was saying that it is easy to find Thrash metal bands, but that most of the time the voice doesn't match, and with Vectis it is perfect. I agree with that. It is important to point that out.

And to close the night in good spirits, there came the headliners Irae. You can't go wrong with Irae. Their raw Black Metal with heavy Thrash influences, it's always played with perfection, vigor and technique. Their music is rather technical, and they performed it with no mistakes, as per usual. 

Slightly more simple than Grievance in terms of outfit, they also had their share of corpse paint, spikes and chains, and even sunglasses, I tell you.

Overall it was a very good show, Irae have been doing this for so long, with different lineups at different times, but always so assertive and genuine. Everyone was satisfied, although everyone (me included) also was expecting a come back for another song, which didn't happen.

Anyway, it was a well spent afternoon. The place wasn't packed but was composed. Even at Grievance show. We know how the first band, at five o'clock, on a Sunday, most of the times doesn't have that many people watching, but it was good enough this time, I must say.

Grievance and Irae are both one-man bands, with live session musicians, so I'm sure there was a lot of work involved in the preparation for this show.

So if you haven't seen either of these bands live, and if you have the chance, go for it. They all deliver a good show. Different sounds, different styles, different backgrounds, but one thing in common: Black Metal!


Fascinating lyrics 

Thursday, September 21, 2023

Review: Orobas' latest single "Upholding the Asuric Traditions" plus Mayhem cover

So, for those who don't know, Orobas are a Blackened Death Metal band from Denmark. They were actually originally formed in Bangladesh, later on relocating to Denmark.

Orobas have been around since 2015, and have released two EPs and two singles, so far.
Upholding the Asuric Traditions had come out in 2022, but was released again, on CD format in last April, through Slaughterhouse Records.
This song is from the upcoming full length. And it doesn't come alone. It comes with a cover of Mayhem.

So if you haven't heard these tracks yet, what can you expect?

It is Blacknened Death Metal, but definitely more within the realm of Death Metal. Their style, specially on the original track Upholding the Asuric Traditions is quite technical, although not obsessively. The voice is very very grave, very powerful, making the whole atmosphere quite intense and overflowing with power.

As for the Mayhem cover, they chose the song Deathcrush, and they made an excellent adaption out of it. I've heard covers of this and other songs of Mayhem, as I'm sure you'd have too. But this one coming from a more Death Metal band is quite different, which makes it special. If you fancy listening to Deathcrush played in a very heavy and  assured manner, accompanied by a very guttural voice, you'll enjoy this cover. Everything is on point.

If you are into Blacknened Death Metal music, keep an eye out for Orobas, as they might have a promising future.

Monday, September 11, 2023

Suggestion: Playlist for the Week!


Here are the 10 releases suggested for this week. 

As usual, the order they are on the list doesn't have any meaning at all.