Sunday, July 14, 2013

Lachryma Christi on holidays

Greetings everyone,

Lachryma Christi regrets to announce that it is taking a month off as holidays. Will be back on the 15th of August. 
It sounds like a long time, true, but since the staff is one person only, and everyone deserves holidays, the activities at Lachryma Christi have to stop for this period.

Don't stop e-mailing (, all your e-mails will be read and dealt with on the return of Lachryma Christi, nothing will be ignored.

So, on the 15th August things will be back to normal, news, reviews, and you should expect interviews with British Black Metal band Hecate Enthroned, as well as with Dayal Patterson (writer/photographer for Metal Hammer UK, and who has also contributed to Record Collector and Terrorizer), author of the upcoming book "Black Metal: Evolution of the Cult".
You can read a bit about this book here:

Have you all a great month and on the 15th of August Lachryma Christi is back!

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